Storage - Agrio Software
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Products are stored at the grower’s location or in your own warehouse. AGRIO Software provides a detailed insight in your stock position, specified in sizes and locations. Sorting and packaging instructions are send to your growers and your own factory. AGRIO Software guarantees full traceability from the customer back to the source.


AGRIO Software contains the following functionality:

  • Box samples
  • Processing orders
  • Transport orders
  • Track & Trace
  • Packaging
  • Cold storage


The products are stored in boxes after the harvest. The quantity in the box is estimated the determine the expected yield. AGRIO Software calculates the expected yield per size, based upon the figures of the test harvest. The box sample is also used to carry out the inspection to determine the quality of the product. The stock position in the lot administration is updated when the box sample is processed.

Processing orders

The box contains a lot with mixed sizes. A processing order is used to carry out specific actions on a lot. Examples of processing orders:


  • to sort out the lot in the required sizes, based upon a sales demand.
  • to put the product in big bags or sacks.
  • to treat the lot to improve the quality.
  • to warm the product.
  • to pack the product into small packages.


The processing order is carried out by the grower or your own factory. It’s even possible the send out the processing instruction to a third party supplier. Products are ready for transport after the processing order is completed.


AGRIO Software plans the transports from:


  • supplier to customer
  • supplier to your warehouse
  • your warehouse to customer
  • warehouse to warehouse


A standard connection with two major Dutch expediters is included in AGRIO Software. The transport connection supports:


  • insight in the available trailers of the expediter.
  • planned loading and unloading times.
  • actual loading and unloading times.
  • expected arrival time of the driver.


The connection can be extended to support other expeditors.


AGRIO Software has a ‘Transport Invoice Module’ that automatically reads transport invoices and match them with the calculated transport costs per ride.


The transport dossier contains all the documents that are required for the export. The required export documents are linked to a particular transport.

Track and Trace

Track & trace is a main feature of AGRIO Software. In- and outcoming lots are connected and can be following through the supply chain from grower to customer. AGRIO ensures track & trace even in case of multiple processing orders and transports. At least the next information is available in the storage:


  • Lot number
  • Item number
  • Segment
  • Variety
  • Class
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Packaging
  • Box number or pallet number
  • Characteristics, retrieved from samples.


Packaging represents value, especially in the processing industry. So it is important to have a good overview of the whereabouts of your packaging.  In AGRIO Software you register:

  • which packaging is in use.
  • who is the packaging owner.
  • who has your packaging.
  • who needs packaging from you.


The different kind of packaging are tracked by AGRIO Software. You can link compensation (in case of using your own ‘grower’ packaging) or charge a fee (when using your own packaging). The compensation or fee are taken into account when the invoice are created.


The packaging that is used is registered at the receipt and shipment of the products. AGRIO Software shows the packaging position per contract.

Cold storage

It’s becomes difficult for many potato processing companies to keep a good stock administration. Usually there are multiple production locations and of course multiple storage locations for field crops and cold storage for end products.


The ‘Cold Storage Module’ in AGRIO Software is a tailored made Warehouse Management System that enable a real-time stock overview. The module consists of an app for scanning. The app supports inbound and outbound processes and also inventory counting. You can also use the app on the growers’ location.