Potato Europe 2017 - Agrio Software
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Potato Europe 2017

Potato Europe 2017

We are on the right track with AGRIO Software!

That’s our final conclusion after PotatoEurope last week. The fair was limited to one day, due to heavy rain and storm on the first day. Almost 10.000 people visited the fair. For Newminds it was the second time that we were¬† present on PotatoEurope. The last time was in Belgium, two years ago. This time, we got a lot of traffic on our booth and not only because of the apple-pie… Most of the visitors had heard about AGRIO Software and were curious what our software can mean to them.

PotatoEurope is also used to launch this new website. Here you can find all the information about our product and we will keep you up-to-date.

Curious what AGRIO Software can do for you: Please contact us so we can schedule a demo.

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