Office - Agrio Software
AGRIO Software can be used besides in the Field, Storage and Factory, in the office. Your employers can register contracts, pool agreements and the financial administration.
Pool agreements, Lot administration, purchase and sales contract,
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Contracts  with both growers and customers are the base for the lot administration. Variety, class, size and price agreements are defined in the contract.


AGRIO Software contains the following modules:

  • Contracts
  • Lot administration
  • Export documents
  • (Pool) settlements


Agreements with growers and customers are put in contracts. On a contract you can define:

  • Varieties
  • Sizes
  • Class
  • Quantities in several units of measure
  • Prices e.g.  set price, pool price, graduated price
  • Price corrections, storage fee, packaging fees
  • Delivery terms
  • Sample conditions

You can e-mail the contract directly from AGRIO Software. The contact is sent in the language of the recipient. AGRIO Software has a common layout, but you can customize the texts that are printed on the document.

Lot administration

The lot administration reflects the stock position of your company. You can view the stock position per size. At the start of the season, the stock is build based upon the estimated yield per size. Later on in the season, the stock become more accurate based upon test harvest, box samples and processing orders. Each change in the stock position is processed automatically, e.g. as the result of a processing order or transport. AGRIO Software delivers a standard overview created by Power BI.

Export documents

With AGRIO Software you can record the following documents:

  • Commercial invoice
  • EUR1
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • CMR

These documents are part of the dossier that is created per transport. You can access the document from one single point of entry. Documents from third parties are scanned and attached to the same dossier.

(Pool) settlements

AGRIO Software automatically creates invoices for your growers and customers after the products delivered via a transport. The price agreements and the price corrections form the contract are taken into account.

Both the invoices to your growers as well as to your customers are created in PDF-format and send by e-mail. The financial department has immediate access to open balances and payments.

A group of growers can deliver products to a so called pool. In the pool, yields and costs are balanced and at the end, the price of the product is determined. During the season, a grower receives a prepayment. E.g. a price per hectare. The final invoice form the pool is calculated based upon the prepayments and the final pool price.