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A new season starts on the field. You can monitor the activities on the field in AGRIO Software right from the delivery of the seed until the harvest of the crops.

Information about the expected quality and the expected yield is essential. You are transparent to your growers by sharing information about the products they produce. Use several modules in AGRIO Software to gather all the data on a central location:

Breeding module  –  Field inspections  –  Visitors Reports  –  Growers’ Portal

De kweekmodule in AGRIO Software bevat de mogelijkheid om alle stappen van het kweekproces te volgen van kruisen, registeren van bloemen, oogsten van bessen, zaaien van de zaden, indelen van proefvelden, uitvoeren van toetsen

Breeding module


Do you develop new potato varieties? Then use the Breeding Module in AGRIO Software. The breeding module guides you to the selection process to find the most promising parents. Define the breeding goals and register the characteristics of the new variety via field and laboratory inspections.


Furthermore, the breeding module supports:


  • Crossbreeding
  • Registering of flowers
  • Harvesting of berries
  • Sowing of seeds
  • Setup of trial fields
  • Field- & laboratory tests
  • Automatic calculation of variety characteristics based on test results


The app that registers the growth results in the field and the laboratory is currently being developed.

Field Inspections


Field inspections help you to estimate the quality and the expected yield of the crop during the growing season. The result of samples are registered in AGRIO Software.


With a sample you measure both quality and quantity. Sizes and quality characteristics are defined per crop. The test harvest at the end of the growing season determines the expected yield for a lot. The lot administration in AGRIO Software is updated automatically to reflect the results.


You publish the results of the samples to your growers through the grower portal.

Visitor registrations

Visit your growers and create visit reports via the BusinessToday-app. The reports are shared automatically with your co-workers to get everyone in the organization on the same level of information. The BusinessToday-app runs on iOS and Android and includes the following functionality:


  • Synchronization with AGRIO Software to exchange contacts.
  • Contact dossier that holds historical information.
  • Take & attach pictures.
  • Create & delegate follow-up tasks.
  • Call contacts directly from the app.
  • Navigate to your contact.
  • Plan visits through the planning board.
De teler logt in op het telerportaal en ziet alle documenten (contracten, keuringen, bewerkingsopdrachten, transportopdracten en afrekeningen) en overige relevante informatie,

Growers’ portal

The growers’ portal is connected with AGRIO Software and publishes information to your growers, like:


  • Purchase Contracts
  • Sample Reports
  • Processing Orders
  • Transport orders
  • Invoices


The grower logs in to the portal with his or her own credentials to view the actual documents. In the future, the grower will be able to enter information like sample results and processing orders.