Factory - Agrio Software
AGRIO Software is very useful in the factory. From planning until the production of the products. Work floor screens inform the employers about the production orders that need to be executed.
Weigh bridge, quality control, grading, production planning, work floor screens, planboard
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AGRIO Software is not only found in the office, but also in the factory. From planning up to the actual production, all data is available at all times. Workers in the factory have information at hand and machines are connected. Production results are automatically processed in AGRIO Software. You can use AGRIO Software:

  • On the weighbridge
  • During quality control
  • At the production planning
  • Through touchpanels on the work floor
  • To connect with machines


Bulk transports go over the weighbridge to register the shipping quantity. Do you have your own weighbridge? Then use the weighbridge module in AGRIO Software to register all weightings. Together with the equipment supplier, AGRIO Software provides a calibrated  solution.


The weighbridge module has both a manned and an unmanned weighing station. In the latter case, the weighing station carries out the tasks with human interaction, even outside office hours. They can sign in with a unique transport number. AGRIO Software shows the transport information, like the name of the supplier or customer. The weighing is carried out and immediately registered.


We pay a lot of attention to the arranging of the workflow on the weighbridge. Think of:

  • Registering trailers and their weights
  • Doing or skipping of empty weighings
  • Assigning points of unloading for trailers
  • Enter the packing on the weighting screen
  • Printing the weighing ticket with a (label)printer
  • Printing of the ticket with barcode for use in the inspection office
  • Automatically taking a photo during weightings by using a connected camera


The manned weighting screen has extra functionality, for example weighing for third parties.

Quality control

Use AGRIO Software in your laboratory or inspection rooms to register the results of multiple samples. E.g. test harvest, box samples, field samples and so on. The results are linked to the lot.


The data, which is registered during checks of incoming transports, is the basis for making a financial settlement for the grower. Some products are graded. Based on measurements, tarra (grade) and included soil, there will be a gross and net conversion. Financial settlements to the grower are also based on a quality assessment


Quality control in AGRIO Software includes the following:

  • For each type of inspection you can set which characteristics you want to inspect and which values are allowed.
  • You decide whether the inspection has a grading part. In this case, during the inspection you fill in the measurements of the lot.
  • You can use a touchscreen app where quality control easily fills in the inspection report. Inspection report appearon the screen automatically and the results are available in AGRIO Software directly. The software takes pictures of the sample with a connected camera, and the picture is added to the inspection report.
  • You can make a connection with a automated line for the purpose of quality.

Production planning

To properly control your production you need an overview. The AGRIO Software plan board will give you that overview. You can plan process orders by putting them on the correct machine/line and the correct date and time. These orders are used for example for packing, bagging or sorting. The duration of production order can be set per product.


The AGRIO Software plan board is a separate web application, which can be used simultaneously by multiple planners. On this plan board you can see for example customer information of an process order in AGRIO Software. If you want to know more, you can click on the order, this will open the corresponding process order in AGRIO Software. On the plan board, this order will automatically get another color when the status changes. This happens for example when this order is finished.

Work floor screens

During the production process a lot of different data will be registered. Think of information from the production order like start-, stop-, cleaning- and readjustment times. Or if you want to register which lots are used for a production order.


To register this information you can use the work floor screens which are connected to AGRIO Software. With a couple easy buttons you can make a worker start or stop a production order. Used lots can be registered through a barcode with a production order. With this you guarantee the tracing of lots.


AGRIO Software shows the current status of the day on a big screen: How many orders are finished, and what still has to be done? Because you are up to date on the current state of business, you can give the production exactly that information they need. With work floor screens you can prevent paper registrations and checks.

Machine connections

In AGRIO Software you have access to a module which can make connection between different machines on the work floor. For example AGRIO Software can connect quality machines, grading bots, iHistorian, SCADA systems, sorters and bunker installations. AGRIO Software uses the module ‘Connections’ for this.


With ‘Connections’ the information in AGRIO Software is available for machines in your factory, and the information from the machines is available in AGRIO Software!


Extra attention during the implementation of AGRIO Software is given to the ability to trace lots. For example from receiving, through sorters and bunker installations, into the finished end product. A good registration on the work floor is indispensable.